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Getting to the top of Google contactEvery day your potential customers are searching for companies like yours on the internet. So, when they are looking for a local business online, it's vital that your business appears on the first/top page of Google and thats where Top Page Google can help you.

When it comes to search engines Google dominates the competition. Love them or loathe them you need to be in their listings if you have products or services to sell. Moreover, how many of us look beyond Google's first page listings.

Google Page One Listing

Search engines and your pc/lap-top work together to remember what you have been searching for and then keep these searches in their memory 'cache'. Whilst this can be handy, it also means that whilst you may think you're ranking well, the chances are no one else is finding you for the search terms that you really want to be found for. If you drop us an email with your website address and three sets of key words (e.g. accountants northampton, accountant northamptonshire, midlands accountants) we will send you a free report on how your site actually ranks in Google. Not only that, we will also give you a price to to get you on page one,- and stay there!

Your business on the First Page of Google

We have over 35 years experience in; sales, marketing, IT and website promotion and, using our industry knowledge, we can get you first page google listings for a fraction of the cost of 'pay for clicks' advertising.

Simply tell us the key words that you want to be ranked highly for and we'll do the rest.

It's just like moving your business from the back-streets to the busiest high street in the country.

Contact us today for a competitive low monthly costing. There are no long term commitments, our customers keep using us because they like our results

Further Tips for a Top Page Google Listing

The "Language Tools" icon is fascinating! Type in a phrase in your own language to find web pages in other languages - specify the translation desired (i.e. English to Spanish). You can also copy and paste a foreign URL and it will be translated for you, provided you request the specific language translation. A list of all Google sites in local countries' domains is also provided. Users can run images searches from Just enter the topic on which you wish to search, and you will get results based on your request.

There are Advanced Image Search and Preferences options for this search tool, as well. These options are similar to those discussed above, with the notable exception that with the Advanced Image Search, you can specify size and coloration of images. Less adsense is more adsence. I feel most of webmasters knows about google this time I am going to offer you an important tip about it. We know that you are allowed to put up to three AdSense models on each page of your website. Using multiple ad block is probably not effective though, and I will inform you why. This is the Reason.

Probably the most of advertisements on a web site seem by key phrase matching. An advertiser joins Google, writes his advert copy and chooses the key phrases they wish to target. They select an quantity they're keen to pay, after which they're off. In case your web site matches these key phrases, adverts will seem primarily based on the quantity advertisers are keen to pay for every keyword. for instance there are hundred advertisers bidding for the key phrases related together with your site. The upper these advertisers are bidding, usually the extra possible they're to seem in your site. Subsequently, in case you are operating a 468?60 banner, it's greater than possible that the 2 advertisers which might be showing are paying the very best quantities to look there (and consequently you might be being paid the best quantities for every click on). As you may think about, as you place extra advert items all these advertisers who've bidded decrease quantities will begin to seem in your site.

While it's possible you'll be getting just a few extra clicks by including extra advert blocks to your web site, you'll invariably make much less cash for every click on as you are actually permitting advertisers who pay much less to have entry to your site. With AdSense, much less will be extra - think about using different advert networks moderately than merely including extra Google adverts in your site. Not solely is it higher to be much less financially reliant on one single firm, however by utilizing different adverts you will be ensuring that those sites advertising on your site through Google are paying you top dollar to do so. So the result is use only one adsense unit on a page to earn money. My websites download quran nasheeds naat muslim baby names and Download free games softwares wallpapers fashion earn money articles A fifth tip for how I got my website placed on the first page of Google, Bing, and Yahoo! for very little pay is to choose a top web hosting program. Good top notch web hosting sites have tremendous resources and services to assist in the promotion of your website. Personally, as a UK business I go with a UK host most are fabulous (at least to me). I have never had any problems getting ahold of their 24hr service and tech support. They are live on the phone and sooo helpful. When I had problems placing google adsense ads on my site(s) they figured out the problem with the code, taught me how to alter the code when necessary, and I have not had any problems since. Whether you are a company or an individual, you might have great product or solutions on your hand. You may find it difficult to market your product/service over the web. You might be tired and struggling to move your website to top positions. Don't worry my dear Friend, this is what is happening for almost 80% of the business owners and all are trying and trying like you. Related Articles How the search engine submission software and SEO software - SEO Suite can grow your website Must-Have SEO Software Tools Don't Spend a Fortune on Seo. be Your Own SEO Guru! Amazing Strategies For Increasing Search Engine Optimization The secret in Internet marketing success is applying most worked techniques that really drive targeted buyers. The powerful solution is moving a site in top positions of organic search (un-paid search) results in Google.

We are one of the top company getting around 50% traffic from Google and getting 3 sign-up in each 2 seconds from our forum. We tried many marketing options and the only worked solution is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We are getting regular sales only when we are on first page of Google. We never used any SEO analytical tools, never done any competitor analysis and not even looked at any sites listed in first page of google during our SEO process. We concentrated on our product and site features and completed page with targeted keywords in applicable places, not in additional places. We finally decided to make these techniques into public and the product name is called SEO Software Submitter. Our SEO techniques to move any kind of website into first page of Google 1. Stop investing useless SEO analytical and competitor analysis tools. Just sign-up to Google webmaster and you can see all the guidelines needed for you. 2. Find top ranking keywords from Google keyword suggestion tool, avoid using any third party keyword tools.

Make a list of keywords needed for your pages. 3. Create unique, accurate page titles. Just open SEO Software Submitter > SEO CMS Editor and edit your pages based on recommendations provided in Keyword Editor. You need not download your HTML pages; just open it on the product itself with WYSIWYG editor. 4. After completing the HTML SEO optimizations, create Sitemap XML from SEO Software Submitter and upload it on your site. 5. Log on to your Google webmaster tool and submit this Sitemap XML file. That's it; you have almost finished half of the SEO tasks. 6. Promote your website in the right ways. The next process will be increasing link counts and popularity of your site by genuine Google recommended link building techniques. Promote your product into software directories by PAD Submission. SEO Software Submitter comes with PAD Editor, Validator and Submitter. Create press announcement and submit to PR sites. Note that PR can be published immediately in google search results (you can see News Results in first page of google).Create topic niche articles and submit to article directories. You can use your site links at the bottom of the article or author bio paragraph.Submit your site to free download directories. You can see many more Google recommended way of link building tools from SEO Software Submitter. How your site gets higher search results without link building process offered by many competitor analysis tools? By referral search, users visit your site by your targeted keywords. During later stages, your product/service information links will be visible on download directories, press release sites, article sites, RSS feed broadcasting sites, free ad sites and video sites. Automatically, search engine improves your product/service page popularity and show them in top results.

Good luck for your Internet business success !